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PipClock – Wasteland Survival 1.0 (Android)

Written By Tammy S Roberts on Friday, July 13, 2012 | 9:00 AM

PipClock – Wasteland Survival 1.0 (Android) .apk

Overview: PipClock – the Nuclear Wasteland Survival App has finally arrived on Android!

Requirements: Android 2.1 and up

Market Update Released: July 11, 2012

Price: $1.39

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★★★★★ “Fun and practical. Well worth the caps!”

★★★★★ “The envy of all who know Fallout! One of the best apps ever!”

★★★★★ “What a masterpiece!”


✔ “PipClock just looks too awesome to not be running all the time.” -iTouchArcade

✔ “At 99 cents (and with a free lite version) it’s a must for anyone who’s ever daydreamed about surviving the day with their wits and their trusty digital device.” -Kotaku

Introducing PipClock ☢, the Nuclear Wasteland Survival App!

Before leaving the Vault, check for health hazards like Acid Rain, Toxic Fogs or Fallout Vapors. Measure the radiation with the built-in Geiger Counter or scavenge the wasteland using the built-in Compass! All you need to survive, at your finger tips!

PipClock ☢ is the Best Survival Device for the newbie wandering explorer or the survivalist expert.


✔ Rusty High Resolution Textures

✔ Post-apocalyptic retro-futuristic design in Metal Alloy with monochrome Cathode Ray Tube display

✔ Reliable Post-Atomic Clock and Calendar

✔ GPS powered real-time weather hazards detector (acid rain, UV radiation, toxic fog and many other)¹

✔ Entry Log – Write your own post-apocalyptic journal of your Wasteland explorations, and since it’s important to share survival tips, you can also post your Entry Logs to your Facebook Notes!

✔ Device Stats – Check how many rads you got, how long you used the emergency light and how many nuclear explosions you’ve survived… and when you’re satisfied with your post-apocalyptic curriculum vitae, share the results with your Facebook friends!

✔ Landscape mode to use PipClock on your wrist

✔ World Weather Stats – Weather statistics among all PipClocks in the last 24 hours

✔ The Wastelander – A N.B.C. (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) alert system updated in real-time

✔ Access Logs – Check PipClock activity all around the globe

✔ Analog Magnetic Compass with realtime Sun Position and Target Indicator

✔ Realistic Geiger Counter with sounds and smoke!

✔ Real-time Thermometer and Barometer¹

✔ Nearby Landmarks Detector (or what’s left of them)¹

✔ Self Protection Reinforced Hull (shake the device to Protect the PipClock from a Nuclear Explosion)

✔ Nuclear powered Flashlight with three different lightning presets (Broken Neon, Sleep mode, Emergency)

✔ Sunset – Sunrise Forecast with countdown to sunset and sunrise

✔ Status of the day graph – check out the percentage of sunlight left or how long you have to wait until the light illuminates the wasteland

✔ Moon phase calculator

✔ Arpanet connection to receive important messages broadcasted by the Federal Government from its underground shelter¹

✔ Help and Settings to configure your device

¹ Requires GPS and Network Connection

IMPORTANT NOTICE: While the PipClock functions show real accurate datas (day night stats, weather and so on), the geiger counter is just for entertainment and does not really work.

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Download PipClock – Wasteland Survival 1.0 (Android)

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